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Cpanel license verify (from command line)

To know whether a cpanel server is licensed or not, we can run the following commands from the server’s command line interface,

But if we need to know the license status of a remote machine the following steps can be used.

1) Create a script named “~/cpanellicense.sh” with the following contents,

read -p "IP Address: " ip_address
echo "ip=${ip_address}"|lynx ${url_in} -post_data|sed -n '/Entry/{p;n;N;N;N;p;};/Results/{p;n;N;p;}'

2) Grant execute privilege to the script and execute it.

[root@localhost ~]$ chmod u+x ~/cpanellicense.sh
[root@localhost ~]$
[root@localhost ~]$ ~/cpanellicense.sh
IP Address:

Not licensed
[root@localhost ~]$
[root@localhost ~]$ ~/cpanellicense.sh
IP Address:
Entry # IP Address Package Partner NOC Activity Detail Product Status
Updates Expiration
1 LIQUIDWEB-INTERNAL-VPS [29][cPanel%20Distributor.png]
[30]Liquid Web Inc active on: 2011-04-14 11:33:46, group: Liquidweb*
cPanel/WHM VPS active N/A
[root@localhost ~]$

The IP is not licensed, so it will give the result “Not licensed” and the IP address is licensed so it will print out the licensing details.

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