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Renaming Virtuozzo Container CTID



SITUATION: I wan’t to rename a virtuozzo container CTID from CTID 14383000 to 14383.


SOLUTION: Use the ‘vzmlocal‘ command to rename the container’s CTID.




[root@node ~]# /usr/sbin/vzlist -a |grep
14383000 68 running testvps.com
[root@node ~]# 
[root@node ~]# /usr/sbin/vzmlocal 14383000:14383
vzctl_conf_get_param(VZ_TOOLS_BCID) return 5
vzctl_conf_get_param(VZ_TOOLS_IOLIMIT) return 1048576
Moving/copying CT#14383000 -> CT#14383, [], [] ...
Moving private area '/vz/private/14383000'->'/vz/private/14383'
Copying/modifying config scripts of CT#14383000 ...
OfflineManagement CT#14383000 ...
OfflineManagement CT#14383 ...
Successfully completed
[root@node ~]# /usr/sbin/vzctl start 14383
[root@node ~]# /usr/sbin/vzlist -a |grep
14383 68 running testvps.com
[root@node ~]# 



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