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Adjust RAID rebuild rate

Steps to adjust hardware RAID rebuild rate using ‘megacli’. Most often after a disk replacement in case of disk failure, we want to increase the RAID rebuild rate to speed up the process. Also if RAID rebuild is causing performance issues with host, then we might need to consider reducing the rebuild rate. The command lines pasted below helps to control it,

1) Get current RAID rebuild rate,

host100:~# megacli -AdpGetProp RebuildRate -a0
Adapter 0: Rebuild Rate = 15%

Exit Code: 0x00

2) Set RAID rebuild rate to 25%,

host100:~# megacli -AdpSetProp RebuildRate 25 -a0
Adapter 0: Set rebuild rate to 25% success.

Exit Code: 0x00


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